Depending on the species, climatic and structural conditions, we offer different air supply and exhaust systems, that are individually tailored to the plant of the customer. Highlight ist AgriVent – a module of our management platform AgriFarmControl. Here, a variety of functions are available, which regulate the climate in pig and poultry houses. The evaluation per compartment or stable of temperature, humidity, vacuum, and CO² NH³ content is possible, in order to coordinate ventilation, heating, air intake and exhaust optimally. A climate curve adapts all parameters to the respective age of the animals.

Our know-how in detail:

  • Fully insulated wall outlet for optimal air conditioning in all air conditioning areas
  • Exact and optimal air flow in cold weather conditions
  • Direct supply of fresh air at high ambient temperatures
  • Constant vacuum for consistent airflow velocity
  • Easy installation, quick and thorough cleaning/disinfection
  • Applicable as a wall mounting valve to fit the layer of stones or as a flanged valve, expandable with a mounting frame for any wall thickness