Food and Luxury Goods

Whether dairies, coffee makers, the delicatessen or beverage industry. With our know-how and experience from a wide range of areas, we offer our customers innovative process technology which is oriented to the regulations of the respective industry, guarantees process reliability and offers tailor-made solutions tailored to the customer's needs.

Manufacturer of Bakery Products

In accordance with legal requirements, we guarantee the collection and evaluation of all relevant machine data, including the availability of, for example raw materials, baking moulds, staff and store orders. Parameters such as historical sales figures, re-orders, sick leave, oven utilisation and tour planning can be entered online into the production process. This guarantees optimum plant availability as well as the complete overview and documentation of the production down to the loading table. Your own quality standards and our flexibility form the basis for an all-encompassing and efficient production planning.

  • High flexibility and profitability from dough production to the sales branch
  • Knowledge of all production data such as: Weights, temperatures, times, humidity, tolerances etc.
  • Display and monitoring of individual production steps on large monitors
  • Optimised resource planning (raw materials, personnel, orders, commissioning, etc.)
  • Tracking &  tracing (traceability of all products and batches)
  • Integration of FeedBack data
  • Configurable documentation and reporting
  • Maximum systems availability and product quality

Milk Processor

Milk is one of the most profitable sectors in the agricultural and food sector in Europe. The degree of technology in the dairy industry is very high and automation plays an important role. Up to now, we have implemented many projects of various sizes. From the small dairy on site to the international large-scale operations with the most diverse product spectrum. We know each other in the process engineering procedures and provide optimal solutions for a fully automatic process control.

Manufacturer of Baby Food

The manufacture of baby food is subject to specific legal requirements. During the entire manufacturing process, we have to adhere to the highest standards of hygiene. With our many years of experience in the food industry and its processing and production specifications, we are a reliable partner for the automation of their production processes and provide all relevant production data for consistent traceability and documentation available.

Confectionery Industry

With a turnover of around 10%, the confectionery industry plays a major role in the food industry and is one of the most important industrial sectors in Germany, which has seen a growing degree of automation in recent years. We create the best production processes and supply everything from a single source. These range from the company's control system to control technology to the cabling.

Beverage Industry

For companies in the beverage industry, we are optimising processes and automating a wide range of systems. The range of services goes through optical recognition systems and special machines for filling, sorting, ejection and quality assurance up to service and the spare parts business.

  • Planning and implementation of turnkey vacuum sorting systems
  • Maintenance, repair, extension and optimisation
  • Replacement and wear part delivery also for existing sorting systems
  • Extensive spare parts storage for quick material exchange
  • On-site service and remote maintenance support
  • Optical identification systems for empties identification and sorting in boxes
  • Optical detection systems for quality assurance of level, label, closure etc.
  • Special machine construction for the beverage industry
  • Technical modernisation of switchgear
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Adjustment of controls
  • Control updates S5 to S7

Potato Processor

Potatoes are one of the main foods taken. The harvests amount to more than 380 million tonnes per year world-wide and a large part of them are processed. Whether for potato storage or processing - our range of services ranges from network technology, switchgear, energy management systems to the most modern process control and conveyor systems.

Delicatessen Producers

Whether in the processing of fish, the production of salads or spicy sauces, or even in the delicatessen industry, we have already implemented a variety of projects. With our comprehensive solutions, we create optimal workflows for greater efficiency and get the maximum out of the machines.

Coffee Industry

After petroleum, coffee is the second most important commercial product in the world. It is not only a stimulating pleasure, but also the favourite drink of the Germans. Our experience in the coffee industry dates back to the 1970s. In line with the strict guidelines for the manufacture of coffee, we supply state-of-the-art electrical and automation technology from hardware planning, switching and control systems, software production and electrical assembly for support during commissioning and explosion protection.

Mill Industry

In Germany alone, Mühlen produces almost nine million tonnes of wheat, rye and other cereals annually Food safety plays a decisive role in this, as the different flours and other ground products such as meal and other meal products are the basis of many baking products as well as other products. As an experienced expert in this industry, we automate all production processes and develop solutions to ensure a consistent quality. We stick to every process step to trace everything down to the last detail.  We offer solutions for the optimal operating sequence from the receipt of goods through the milling process to storage and shipping.

Meat Processing Industry

The meat-processing industry is concerned with the slaughtering and processing of meat and sausage products. For decades, we have been developing a wide range of automation solutions for this industry. From process technology to logistics and transport systems to waste air purification. Our systems take into account all legal requirements for safe food and guarantee a seamless traceability.