Mobile Devices

Portable data processing (wearable computing) uses tablets, smartphones, smartwatches and other so-called wearables. They are ideal for independent and mobile operation. With them, the working world was completely redesigned. By integrating this technology into industrial production, processes are essentially designed simply and efficiently. Among other things, considerable operating costs can be saved.

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Data glasses

Data glasses (Augmented reality glasses/AR glasses) virtually project information from the eyes of the person wearing the glasses. He is not visually shielded from the outside world In this way, the virtual and the real world merge. We use this technology to automate very different tasks. Whether in service and maintenance, logistics or process technology. There is high potential here for the use of data glasses. Be it in the processing of work instructions and checklists for quality control, documentation of security-relevant applications or in mixing and weighing operations. The list of possibilities is huge. These are to make the work for the staff much easier by providing the information at the right time in the right place.

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A Smartwatch provides fast and mobile information. Through vibration, it signals that new relevant information is available. When combined with a smartphone or tablet, it functions as an additional mobile display. The work of the employees is made easier since they get data at the right time in the right place and have both hands free. Waiting and travel times are minimised and the error rate is reduced.


  • Quick provision of information and notifications
  • Easy integration into existing smart solutions (Smartphone/tablet)
  • Targeted representation of relevant information


  • Quick implementation and, therefore, lower training costs
  • Higher employee motivation
  • Easy, intuitive operation.
  • Faster response times through haptic feedback


Smartphones and tablets are ideal for non-mobile and mobile applications. Their use in industry is becoming more and more popular. We integrate these devices into different production processes, thereby making processes more efficient and reducing costs. For example, we use smartphones and tablets for our process control systems. With them, bar codes or QR codes are scanned directly on a machine and all relevant data for this machine is listed. Whether wiring diagrams or explosive drawings for maintenance tasks or live data of the system for regulation and monitoring tasks. The processing of check-lists is also very easy. Thanks to its camera and mobile network connection, individual work steps are logged and directly made available to other employees via a server.


  • Easy operation
  • Uniform operating concept
  • Mobile influence on production
  • Mobile provision of information from the individual machines and systems enables rapid response to downtime


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