MES/Process Control Systems

Automation of production process is one of our core competencies. We implement MES/process control systems, visualisation programs and management software to meet the most diverse requirements in a wide range of industries - each one individually. The flagship in the world of process control systems is the SCHULZ productionstar®. It stands for the complete digitisation of production and brings it into a new era. Another product of our company is ProControl. With proven technology, the process control system controls the entire production - flexibly, reliably and quickly. Our portfolio is completed by a variety of batch systems, either based on Siemens, Rockwell or Wonderware technology or completely developed by us.

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Our MES/process control systems are modular in design and as versatile as your needs. From standard components to specially programmed customer-specific applications, all variants are possible and easy to integrate. The individual components are optimally coordinated with each other and the system is continually developed by us. Through regular upgrades (e.g. Wonderware MES 2017 R2 Operations and Performance certificate), we keep your system up-to-date, comfortable, fast and efficient.


All machine and operating data are permanently recorded. By processing within the MES or by connecting to a higher-level ERP system or other software tools, the production process is analysed in real-time, machine run times are optimised and machine errors are output directly.

Energy management

This tool is used to coordinate all process data and energy consumption. Our customers can therefore plan production with optimal energy consumption. The energy costs are allocated precisely to each aggregate and KPIs are delivered. As a result, energy consumption can be systematically and continuously reduced. Your energy costs are sinking and you have money for other necessary investments.


Efficient traceability of products and production steps is important in all industries. Legal requirements and quality assurance make traceability indispensable. The moduleTracking & Tracingin our process control systems ensures a seamlessly documented history of all products, components and production steps Each product leaves behind a digital trace, which can be traced back to the last detail up to the origin of its individual components. Our customers not only work in a legal manner, but also ensure a high level of quality.


With the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) module, you can evaluate the efficiency of your overall system at a glance OEE provides an accurate statement not only about machine productivity, but the entire production process within the company. You can identify vulnerabilities in production processes and derive possible optimisation strategies.

Quality assurance

With our quality assurance module, quality management accompanies the entire production process and you leave nothing to chance. This tool manages all quality data such as raw materials, intermediates, end products, environmental samples etc. and has an interface to analysis devices. It creates test plans, takes over all documentation tasks and ensures a controlled quality.

SPC online

Statistical Process Control optimises your production in real-time based on experience. This tool accompanies and monitors the entire production process and records all the relevant product quality indicators. By means of warning and intervention limits defined in the system, a precise definition is made of what needs to be done if necessary. Thus, the first signs of a possible error are used in the process and errors are avoided - completely automatically. You benefit from increased operational safety and system run-time.

Production planning

This module lists all orders from the ERP system clearly. The order quantity and actual stock are compared. At a glance you can see what is in stock and what needs to be produced. By clicking on one of the missing items, you can view detailed data for the individual orders and make important settings for the planned production. In addition, you receive production proposals and the production process can be triggered directly. Safe, efficient, fast and extremely flexible.


You can use the logistics tool to manage all processes in the warehouse. This also includes material storage locations in production. You can configure different material types (classes, definitions, lots). The powerful tool records all material movements, controls the picking and includes stacker control techniques. Even an integration in available storage administration systems is possible. With the logistics module, you increase the efficiency in warehousing and thus reduce storage costs.


With this module, you have an innovative tool for all service and maintenance tasks. It stands for the continuous mapping, standardisation and optimisation of all maintenance processes of plants and infrastructure. It supports both corrective and preventive maintenance strategies. Plant operators increase their effectiveness and can also save substantial maintenance costs.

Order management

The module Order management includes all the functions of a modern management system. It controls the production, taking into account the available resources and materials. It controls the production taking into account the available resources and materials. By linking to a higher-level ERP system, orders can be directly transferred and managed. You can assign production orders automatically or manually. The division, sequencing or linking of orders to production, dosing, testing, CIP or laboratory orders is also possible. The order management works perfectly with your ERP system and you profit from an economical, safe and comfortable operation management.

Material management

With the module Manage Material Management, manage and track all raw materials, products, dosing and auxiliary materials in bulk material processes.  So you are always informed about the exact material status at any time and at any place. You will enjoy maximum flexibility.

ERP interface

With this module, you have a convenient communication interface between the process control system and a higher-level ERP system, e.g. SAP, Navision. Through the data exchange, the process control system becomes an integral part of the business software and vice versa. Achieve the highest level of efficiency and work safely and quickly.

Batch control

Batch production is standard for batch-oriented production processes in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. It is extremely flexible and allows for the use of different recipes without the need for configuration. From production to cleaning, everything works through this technology. Depending on the requirements and customer wishes, we can implement this task with our own process control systems or on the basis of Siemens SIMATIC PCS7 BATCH or Wonderware InBatch from Schneider Electric. For smaller companies, however, these software packages are often much too large. Many functions are not necessary at all. Alternatively, we develop smaller batch systems. They are just as flexible and efficient, but they are tailor-made for the customer. All our batch systems log every process and consequently guarantee traceability.

Process control

With a wide range of automation requirements in different industries, we rely on the usual standard of programmable logic controllers (PLC). You benefit from high flexibility and thus increase the availability of your equipment.

Our know-how in detail:

  • Individual programming according to customer’s requirements
  • Programming in STL, FBD, LD, sequencers, IEC 61131, SFC and SCL
  • Integration of fail-safe and fault-tolerant controls
  • Communication between Ethernet, Profibus, Profinet, ASI and Modbus
  • Ensure the best possible availability, maintenance and support through standardised technologies
  • Intensive system test and simulation prior to delivery
  • Remote maintenance through an analogue modem, ISDN, GSM or VPN
  • Quick and easy diagnostic capability with clearly arranged program structure
  • Programming through our own highly qualified staff
  • Possibility employees training in advance or directly at the plant


Our individual concepts for process visualisation include complete operating and monitoring functions. From a simple text display to a complex, intuitive system. This means that you not only have a clear user interface but also an effective tool for monitoring and configuring automation processes. You can introduce systems quickly, have less training, and increase employee motivation.

Our know-how in detail:

  • We cover the entire product range: Text display, graphic panel, PC solutions
  • Redundant visualisation system
  • Individual system configuration
  • System solutions for various industries
  • Language can be set independently
  • Extensive diagnostic and control options for all aggregates
  • Integrated maintenance functions
  • Performance measurement: simple and detailed acquisition and mapping of energy consumption
  • Data export options
  • Information/alert by email, SMS, etc.

Cleaning (CIP)

The CIP (Cleaning in Place) method is an efficient way of cleaning processing equipment. CIP stands for the automated cleaning of the equipment and system components on site. A process is defined in which cleaning agents, pressures, temperatures and times are precisely defined. Dismantling of individual parts is not required. This saves a lot of valuable working time.


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