Injection Moulding

Due to the injection moulding process used in the plastics industry, mouldings can be manufactured cost-effectively in large quantities In order to remove, assemble, package, sort, etc., our specialists in special machine construction develop special systems for the most diverse tasks and integrate them into your work flow. The high precision and quality requirements in many areas are challenges that we are always happy to accept. Our experience with typical material properties such as shrinkage or softness and its behaviour in the automation process helps us to condition your plant on a daily basis. All relevant processes are implemented in our plants. This will help you carry out production effectively, safely and quickly.

In-mould labelling

In the case of in-mould labelling, the preprinted labels of a plastic package are already inserted into the injection moulding tool during packaging production so that the label is inextricably linked to its packaging. The process is primarily used for customers in the beverage industry but can also be applied to any plastic object of any other industry.

Our services in detail:

  • Preparation
  • Positioning
  • Loading, unloading
  • Check (type, position, over-spraying)
  • Transport

Inserting technology

In this special injection moulding process, inserts are inserted into the injection mould and injection moulded with plastic. The inserts are mostly axes, hubs, threaded bushings, contacts, metal sheets or coils. We develop plants that automate all the activities involved in this injection moulding process. This ranges from placing the inserts, to removing the moulded parts, processing and packaging.


Two components technology

In multi-component injection moulding, different materials or colours are combined into high-quality plastic parts This results in sophisticated multi-functional parts with different properties. We develop special machines that make this process efficient. This ranges from placing the different materials into the injection moulding machine, to removing the moulded parts, processing and packaging.