Feeding and Watering Technology

Feeding and watering are important building blocks in the interplay of posture techniques. We offer an extensive product program for the optimum supply for the animals such as silos and transport systems, maximising feeding or drag chains, and with our watering systems provide an optimal control between water demand and water consumption. Our management platformAgriFarmControlcontrols all features and allows them to work with each other optimally. 

Feeding technology

Optimal feed supply is an important prerequisite for animal welfare, animal health and thus, for a good operating result. To enable all functions to be optimally matched, we offer the module AgriFeed for intelligent management.

Our know-how in detail:

  • Intelligent management with AgriFeed
  • Multi-phase feeding
  • Controlled feed and water intake
  • Interaction with other management functions
  • Mixing and weighing container
  • Self-developed feeding tray
  • Silo and feed transport systems
  • Matrix feeding
  • Drag chain
  • Dry feeding
  • VoluMeter feeding systems
  • Batch mixer

Watering technology

Equally important in the supply of animals is a well-functioning drink system. The watering system can also be controlled through our management platformAgriFarmControl. Depending on the animal species, there are very different requirements. For a secure supply and dry conditions in soil maintenance of poultry, control between water consumption and water requirements is necessary. For pigs you have to take account of differences in sowing, piglet rearing and fattening. We offer systems adapted to animal species for optimal drinking water supply.

Our know-how in detail:

  • Nipple drinkers
  • Bowl drinkers
  • Mother-calf-drinker
  • Water level
  • Round drinkers


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