Exhaust Systems

For more than 15 years, we have developed systems for waste air purification and are among the pioneers of this technology. Today, the issue of pollution control is the most important prerequisite in licensing procedures. Only with a reliable waste air purification technology can you permanently produce when you are legally safe. We offer air extractors for different fields. For agricultural and food industries, for the chemical industry, for slaughtering and processing plants and for fermentation residue drying and biogas plants.

EMMI for industry

In the industrial market we offer different EMMI (Emission Minimiser) exhaust air purification systems. Depending on the requirements, a wide variety of ingredients must be removed from the waste air, such as dusts, odours, germs or harmful gases. For this purpose, for example, a highly loaded process exhaust air flow is to be treated differently than the room air extraction. This only works with multi-stage systems, which are designed according to customer requirements and adjusted to the waste air contents to be removed. Thus, exhaust air purification can be designed for almost any application.

Cleaning power: Depending on the requirement, e.g.

  • At least 95 % NH³
  • At least 95 % H²S
  • Less than 500 GE/m² (no odour of noxious gases)

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EMMI for poultry farming

Our certified EMMI air extractor (Emission Minimiser) for poultry farming is the first air purification system, which meets the strict criteria of the German agricultural society for the fattening.

Cleaning power:

  • At least 90% NH³
  • At least 70 % dust
  • At least 90 % fine dust
  • At least 50 % odour

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Air purifiers for pig farming

For the pig farming, we offer DLG certified exhaust air purification systems.

Cleaning power:

  • At least 92 % Ammonia (NH³)
  • At least 95 % dust reduction
  • Odour reduction to below 300 GE/m³ and no perceivable raw gas smell in the clean gas -

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