Energy Supply

Today, sustainability and energy efficiency are a fundamental prerequisite for energy supply. This applies both to the use of various energy sources, energy distribution and the overall energy management. We offer efficient systems that reduce your operating costs and increase productivity.

Medium voltage systems

For the transport of electricity from power supply to your electrical installations for production, biogas production, photovoltaics, combined heat and power plants etc., we offer the complete range of services for medium voltage applications. For example, these include walk–in stations/compact stations for a voltage range between 6 and 36 kV. Individually tailor-made to your requirements, we supply turnkey plants from planning to project planning to commissioning. All systems are characterised by the latest technology, cost-effectiveness and user-friendliness. Maximum operational safety of our systems combined with optimum personal protection guarantee a profitable investment in the future.


Transformers convert electrical energy into networks of several thousand volts (medium voltage) into the 230 or 400 volts (low voltage) required in households and businesses. For this, we install the required technology and install it in walk-in transformer casings or in non-accessible compact stations. Ready to use, optionally with air or SF6 insulated switchgear and with oil or dry transformers. According to your requirements. You get the latest state-of-the-art model and benefit from a future safe investment.

Low voltage systems

We can supply low-voltage distributions up to 4.000 A, switching and control systems, switchgear cabinets, network distributors, power distributions, small controllers and control cabinets with ATEX approval. Whether it it for industry, agriculture, office buildings, data centres, or logistics, you achieve the highest levels of operational security and productivity. Highly qualified employees  install and set up the wiring for all systems. This is done in compliance with DIN standards and VDE regulations as well as with EMC guidelines to ensure the highest quality and safety. Each low voltage system is manufactured in accordance with your individual requirements and relys on standardised configuration and assembly processes - most economically and effectively.

Reactive power compensation system (BLK)

In order not to pay for electrical power that you do not consume, you need a reactive power compensation system. We offer exactly the right equipment for your needs, which perform complex compensation tasks fully automatically. Intelligent control ensures careful switching of the capacitors. You benefit from a lower power calculation. Also, a required power expansion, e.g. by additional machines, is more favourable with reactive power compensation.


We implement solar systems for the individual use of the generated electricity. This form of compensation is worthwhile for small and large systems - for private individuals and companies. Due to rising electricity prices, the profitability of the systems is progressively growing. Thereby you increase the independence of the energy suppliers. In the implementation of your photovoltaic plant, we offer everything from a single source: From individual consulting and planning to the optimum dimensioning with regard to cost-effectiveness up to assembly and maintenance. Likewise, we take over the connection to the electricity network, offer remote maintenance and a 24-hour service.


Biogas is versatile. Whether as a source of electricity to produce heat or for feeding into the gas grid. The weather-independent generation and the base load capacity of this energy grants you as a plant operator a predictable source of income. Biogas plants are profitable for industry, agriculture and municipalities. EnviTec Biogas AG implements the exclusive construction  of biogas plants. We supply the automation technology for all plants.


Wind power is another form of environmentally friendly power supply. Economically speaking, it provides a useful complement to the other renewable energy sources, because it has the lowest production costs in our regions. A healthy mix of these energy resources can play an important role in the economy, since each energy source in itself offers different advantages. Our partner company, the Oldenburger Linden Energy GmbH, specialises in that.


The future of mobility is electric. Automotive engineers are changing. The Federal Government promotes the purchase of electric vehicles and the expansion of the charging infrastructure. Electric mobility is the solution for a sustainable, climate-friendly and environmentally friendly movement. It is a great resource and highly efficient, at the same time. That is why Germany is investing over a billion Euros in this technology. Electric mobility is not just due to battery-powered drives. Another possibility is driving with hydrogen. This is converted directly into electrical energy in a fuel cell installed in the vehicle. Whichever drive you choose, we will build service stations for both.

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Electric charging stations

We specialise in the construction of electric filling stations. Our customers receive economical solutions tailored to their needs. Whether you are a business owner, a municipality, a food retailer, a restaurant or a car park operator, get ready to go, with everything they need. Benefit and become part of the public loading infrastructure.

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Hydrogen stations

One possibility of electromobility is driving with hydrogen. This is converted directly into electrical energy in a fuel cell installed in the vehicle. The advantage: The hydrogen tank works almost as fast as conventional fuels. Change your vehicle fleet to the advanced form of mobility. We are building your hydrogen filling station - with everything you need. Our customers receive tailor-made solutions - fitting perfectly for each client. From planning to project planning to implementation. In doing so, they decide whether they want to produce or access the hydrogen locally. Both are possible and we can organise this. All of them get their turnkey plant, from A to Z.

Energy storage

Unpredictable power outages and voltage dips often lead to costly production losses, downtime and damage to production equipment. You can protect yourself against such events with energy storage solutions. We use energy storage systems from technology leader Commeo in Wallenhorst. The lithium-ion-based storage systems are specially developed for custom-made industrial and commercial applications. They guarantee uninterrupted power supply, e.g. in production, telecommunications, IT and data centres, as well as in the field of renewable energies or electromobility. This extremely flexible system provides a tailored storage solution - to exactly the right extent.

Emergency power supply (UPS)

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is critical in many processes to prevent costly production downtime or, in the worst case scenario, even the destruction of entire production batches. Therefore, it is one of the most important infrastructure facilities of production plants. But a power outage can cause significant revenue losses in many other sectors as well -  from hotels and restaurants to data centres, from retail to the service industry. Our battery storage systems prevent this from happening, protecting your facilities from damage and avoiding downtime.

Our know-how in detail:

  • Design of storage capacity exactly to measure
  • Modular and expandable
  • Combination with energy management systems
  • Project engineering, support and maintenance
  • Transparent monitoring

Peak shaving

Temporary power peaks in electricity consumption cost companies a lot of money. We offer intelligent battery storage systems that optimise energy demand. During periods of high consumption, they provide support with electricity from the storage systems, thus preventing any peak loads. This relief has a positive effect on the energy price. Our lithium-ion-based energy storage systems can be precisely tailored to your energy requirements. This saves you money in the long term. 

Charging infrastructure

E-charging columns are increasingly shaping the landscape in public spaces, retail shops and businesses. Many companies would like to offer their guests more than just a charging station. However, their own grid connected load is often not sufficient, and an extended grid connection is not possible or cost-effective. Battery storage systems are a sensible alternative. 

Our know-how in detail:

  • Demand-oriented design of the storage capacity
  • Installation of the charging infrastructure
  • Transparent monitoring and performance optimisation
  • Maintenance & service

Increase of connected load

Do you want to increase your connected load? However, this is not cost-effective or only associated with an expensive grid expansion? Here, battery storage systems are a sensible alternative. For example, to support a photovoltaic or wind power system in generating electricity for your own consumption. Especially in combination with these renewable energy sources, battery storage systems are extremely useful, as they can temporarily store the generated electricity when it is not needed at the moment, but later.


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