Drive Technology

Electric motors are used in most areas of automation technology. Especially important are the different control options through the use of frequency converters for rotation speed control.

Electrical engineering

The use of running engines to support and relieve human muscles is very essential in production plant. However, electric motors are subject to very high stress and have to be maintained and repaired. We repair and wrap electrical, geared and drum motors and distribute all well-known brands. Particularly advantage ous for you: Electric motors up to 30 kW power are always available in our storage – in different speeds and designs in the latest energy saving version. Consequently, production stoppage can be solved in a very short time. We also repair and maintain explosion-proof and pressure-encapsulated drives (Ex-e motors and Ex-d motors).

Frequency converters

As a Danfoss system partner, we offer reliable and highly economical drive solutions. They increase company productivity, are energy-saving and improve comfort while work is in progress. With us you can have all possible drive concepts, e.g. applications for the control of PM motors or high-power devices with up to 1.4 MW power. We supply and repair not only frequency converters, but we also carry out special and individual drive tasks.





Positioning and synchronising tasks are solved on the software side with intelligent additional technology in the frequency converter. Asynchronous as well as permanently controlled synchronous machines can be controlled both with and without encoder.  Thanks to the optimised control, frequency converters are able to solve positioning tasks without additional hardware assemblies. The same applies to synchronisation of applications. The innovative technology saves customer costs because less hardware is required and the commissioning effort is reduced.

Servo technology

If high-dynamic movements and precise positioning are required, we use servo technology. With servo technology, we achieve shorter cycle times and can achieve a higher flexibility in product changes, which cannot be achieved with conventional asynchronous technology or with hydraulic or pneumatic components. Our customers profit in many ways. From the increase in production capacity through far more economical production to less service and maintenance expenditure. Operating costs are reduced.


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