Digital Factory Planning

With the help of instruments for digital factory planning such as 3D planning, simulation and virtual commissioning, efficient, flexible and future safe production systems can be developed, expanding the competitive advantages and sustaining the yield in this environment. The digital factory is completed by Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), by keeping products and their manufacturing going across the entire life cycle.

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Industry 4.0. Undertakes to consider a product throughout the entire life cycle. Through the use of this technology, our customers profit in many ways: shorter project lead times, fewer interfaces and higher data transparency. By digitally linking the three automation fields of mechanics, electrical engineering and informatics, all the development steps of a product can be comprehensively understood and we can implement variants much better. You have a significant cost advantage and save time in project implementation of up to 40%.


The process simulation makes systems much faster and minimises the error rate. We are underway in all three disciplines of automation engineering: Mechanics, electrical engineering, information technology. These fields can be processed in parallel by the simulation and thus make the entire system available to our customers. In addition, the digital image makes possible alternatives and optimisation potential visible. Virtual commissioning is also possible. The system and product behaviour is simulated down to the smallest detail within the 3D model. Only when everything is right and all mistakes are excluded, is the real commissioning, fast and smooth. As a result, customers save a lot of time and money. 

Process simulation

A digital factory is to be made virtual with all its production facilities in order to demonstrate alternative production processes and optimisation potential of the production lines. In doing so, all objects located in the factory and the mutual interactions and relationships between them are taken into account. Thus, processes can be secured and the impact of changes on the cycle time can be precisely predicted. The required energy input and necessary maintenance are also visible and can be planned in advance. We solve this with innovative industrial software for object digitisation, which interlinks all steps of the value chain.  Process simulation is not only worthwhile for new plants and systems, but also the virtual reproduction of an existing production site is almost always worthwhile if major conversions are planned. Because process simulation during engineering avoids errors and reduces costs. Our customers benefit from a considerable time gain because the real commissioning runs much faster.


Robot simulation

The robot simulation enables us to make a substantial increase in the planning and product quality while guaranteeing the minimisation of risks. We arrange robots and various tooling systems in a realistic simulation and present the customer with our proposal in advance before the conversion takes place. We can position people and machines in this digital environment and see how they interact with each other. Thus, automation processes can be optimised in advance, and process errors or bottlenecks can be recognized in advance.


  • Increase in productivity of min. 10 %
  • Process optimisation
  • Lower production costs
  • Shorten the market introduction time by min. 60%
  • Optimal surface use
  • Improve production times
  • Detecting process errors in advance
  • Lowering of costs min. 40 %

Logistics and material flow simulation

Establishing other products and selling, do not at the same time mean more profit, if you do not exploit the efficiency of production and logistics fully. Therefore, we simulate your material flow in production and assembly processes, for maintenance and repair processes in warehouses, workshops, etc. and not only during the planning of new plants, but also during commissioning, during operation and for modernisation measures. At any time, we show optimisation potential for the most economical operation management. Combined with our process control technology, optimisations can be made in real time. 



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