Conveyor Technology

For the transport of products, attachment parts or staff there are various systems. We implement conveyor systems and integrate them perfectly into your production process quickly and economically. We support you entirely, from the planning stage to the implementation stage. Through networking, information is permanently available and logistical processes are implemented as best as possible.

Driverless transport systems

Automated guided vehicle systems (AGVS) are used to transport materials within and outside buildings. AGVS are very flexible and economical. We implement units from the small circuit with only three AGVS to complete assembly lines with automatic input and output, driveway crossing etc. - individually tailored to suit your needs. In modern systems, we implement the energy transfer mostly through an inductance line laid in the ground. Data transmission is often modulated in parallel or through WLAN.

Electric monorail system

With the electric monorail system (EMS), we offer a highly flexible transport system which performs the most difficult tasks. It can be implemented perfectly in all production processes and can be combined with other conveyor systems. Such a combination is created for example at synchronised discharge stations if the EMS synchronises the position with an underlying thrust plate belt and lowers and delivers the conveyed goods through the intelligent control.

Our know-how for control solutions in detail:

  • Autonomous control (unlimited travel on the open road/rail)
  • Information to the superior process control system
  • Camera technology to assess the more complex tasks (e.g. arm lock)
  • Increased safety when stopping and starting
  • Transfer to other work stations (including floor change)
  • 12-volt power supply of hangers
  • Accurate position control/synchronous operation in wedding

Heavy duty EMS

This particular electric monorail system is designed to transport the biggest weights. Our control technology allows various speeds and positions in driving directions and lifting through double tracks and equipped with scissor lifting hangers. We use various chassis controllers (VASS, INTEGRA, etc.) depending on customer requirements and specifications. Through the communication exchange over the data bus chassis, controllers receive their driving information from our superior PLC.

Proven PLC functionalities:

  • Ergonomic, individually tailored working height adjustment to the individual employee
  • Cleaning operation
  • Maintenance operation
  • Simulation/circuits

Ground conveyor technology

For the control of conveyors below the conveyed material, we offer different systems:

  • Roller conveyor (skid)
    Skid conveyor technology is used in the automotive industry primarily in the body shop, the paint shop and final assembly.
  • Accumulation chain conveyor
    They are perfect for transporting and positioning of pallets and boxes.
  • Chain conveyors (skid)
    This transport system works with a roller conveyor (skid) that is moved by two chains or one chain with parallel horizontal rolls.
  • Link and pallet conveyor technology
    These transport systems are suitable for medium and heavy loads. Transport of machine operators is possible.
  • Belt and link chains
    Conveyor systems with belt and link chains usually form a continuous surface with the rest of the floor to avoid tripping.

Car and worker belts

Special car and worker belts qualify for installation work on the vehicle. They impress with the product-synchronous transport of the installation personnel. Since workers are not required to walk along, the quality of work increases, fatigue and effort decrease. Using frequency-controlled drive technology, we can synchronise the car and worker belts, considering strokes, ramps and conveyor belt stops - both for short link chain belts as well as long conveyor belts that transport all of the teams and tool carts.

Container/tray transport

For the transport of small parts, a plastic container for small components is often used. Stackable on pallets or as a single container, we supply the complete electrical, control and identification technology, including the ERP connection in order to optimally implement your logistics processes.

Our know-how in detail:

  • Identification technology: Cameras, barcode, RFID
  • Automatic palletising/de-palletising
  • Material flow controller
  • Connection to ERP systems

Pallet conveyor technology

Special pallet conveyor systems (pallet conveyor technology) are on the market for the internal transport of all pallets. With our control technology, we integrate them flexibly and economically into every operation. An extension of the technology is also possible at any time. Energy-saving drive technology ensures smooth transport e.g. between production warehouses, picking and shipping. You benefit from lower operating costs and future safe technology.


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