Building Automation

We can plan, install and maintain everything that can be connected to electrical energy, controlled, secured and lit in buildings from office complexes through industrial plants to residential homes. We connect classic electrical installations with state-of-the-art, advanced technology. An important aspect  where energy optimisation, so your electric bill does not identify a higher amount than required.

Fire alarm systems

The task of a fire alarm system (BMA) is to detect the occurrence of a fire in a timely manner and to reliably inform about it. We offer you reliable fire alarm systems that detect fires at an early stage and activate preprogrammed functions. Our fire detection systems protect against fire, smoke and carbon monoxide and prevent people from endangering property values and damage to production facilities. We are VdS certified and VdS installers for fire alarm systems.

Burglar alarms

The number of burglaries has been increasing for years, both in private homes, operations and businesses. Therefore, everyone should think about burglar protection. This is the right safety concept. As a VdS installer for intruder alarm systems (EMA), we specifically design for you. Our systems offer the highest safety standards and are modular in design so that they can grow with you step by step.

Access systems

Unauthorised people have nothing to look for, in many areas. For access control, we offer various systems that guarantee that only authorised persons can access specific areas or buildings. Our access control systems prevent economic loss by theft, vandalism or espionage.

Our know-how in detail

  • Combination with time recording systems
  • Various identification and verification systems
  • Connection with burgler alarm systems

Video technology

Video surveillance is an important part of the security technology. Studies show that alone the presence of video cameras can deter uninvited guests. In the event of a break-in or damage to the equipment, they can be cleared up faster by taking pictures.

Our know-how in detail

  • Video surveillance as part of a integrated security concept
  • Surveillance cameras for various tasks
  • Video surveillance systems

Lighting systems

There is a particularly high potential for energy-efficient and economic work in lighting technology. We use this when planning individual lighting concepts. In addition to the highest quality, we place great emphasis on the design and functionality of the products.

Our know-how in detail:

  • Technical lighting, for example offices, halls, catering, hotels
  • Energy-efficient lighting, for example LED technology
  • Lighting control via KNX bus system or Dali standard
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Street lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Shop lighting
  • Design lighting
  • Event lighting

Building control

Modern building technology stands for control of living and working environments and offers every conceivable comfort. Whether air conditioning, lighting, safety or energy management - everything is intelligently networked and can be operated comfortably. With energy-efficient and sustainable building automation, you can significantly reduce your operating costs. Whether for new buildings, existing buildings, production halls or office buildings.

Our know-how in detail:

  • Lighting rooms
  • Shutter control
  • Air conditioning
  • Energy management
  • System and process monitoring
  • Building automation/visualisation


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