Assembly Systems

Intelligent assembly systems ensure that products are manufactured flexibly, economically and in a resource-saving manner. We carry out work steps like screwing, gluing, joining, sweeping or filling of components and assemblies in automated systems and produce finished products. All systems are integrated into their work flow in a way that ensures maximum efficiency.

Separation technology

The automatic separation of components is an important task for the implementation of assembly systems. Whether the purposeful removal of the same components from large quantities, the separation of chaotically sorted small parts or the separation of large components. We have the right solution for your production processes for every application. So that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. We often use intelligent robotics systems or develop special systems for you. You will obtain the possibility of capacity expansion and will benefit from increased flexibility.

Screwdriving technology.

Screwdriving technology is very important in automotive manufacturing. The manufacturing process includes mounting various attachments. Here different variants must be taken into consideration and screw data is to be documented for quality assurance.

Our know-how in detail:

  • Integration of screwdriving technology by well-known manufacturers
  • Fully automatic screwdriving
  • Integration of screwdriving systems
  • We integrate state-of-the-art robotics into the assembly process

Assembly lines, stations

In industrial production, products and product variants are often produced by successive assembling activities. We deliver assembly lines or stations designed to the last detail. An assembly carrier automatically transports the workpiece to the next processing station. We plan and implement your plant tailor-made with a maximum of flexibility. Through 3D simulation, we eliminate errors in the run-up by rendering the whole process virtual. The finished product often comprises of components from different assembly lines. They benefit from intelligent control technology, which ensures that everything is in the right place at the right time and can be installed. Fully automatic, smooth and fast. 

Joining technology

When assembling, parts or assemblies are assembled in a controlled manner. By joining, these components are permanently connected to one another permanently. There are different techniques and procedures depending on the requirements and application. We make different systems for this task. Whether for gluing, welding, soldering, riveting, clinching or screwing. All work is done reliably and efficiently. You have less maintenance and can reduce your operating costs.

Adhesive Systems

Automatic gluing systems are used in the automotive industry, among others. They save you a lot of effort, time and personnel. Our systems, which we develop specifically for these tasks, not only optimise your operational processes. This will also lower operating costs and increase employee motivation.

Our know-how in detail:

  • Disk installation
    The fully automatic installation of front and rear windows
  • Installation of sliding and panoramic awnings
    For this task, we use robotics, screw and adhesive systems in a network
  • Spare wheel wells and DVD elements


Various welding techniques are used in industrial production engineering Either for the non-detachable connection of components or for coating (application welding). We make plants for very different tasks. Through an innovative 3D engineering, we can optimally adapt it to your needs in advance - for maximum efficiency. Whether manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic, you will get the best solution for your business.

Greasing systems/Oiling systems

Fats that are not properly dosed and are incorrectly applied, sealants, silicones etc. have a direct effect on the quality of the products to be produced. We develop plants that perform this demanding task reliably and purposefully. This ensures the life and quality of your products. We make systems for surface, contour and point application and integrate exactly into your production process. This enables you to produce your products safely and economically.

Filling technology

There are many systems for the filling of liquid and gaseous media in the automotive sector. We advise you on the best design of the control sequences in a labour-saving, safe, and fast way.

Our programmes provide optimal processes for all media control:

  • Brake fluid, coolant, washer fluid, transmission oil
  • Air conditioning, air spring
  • Fuels, AdBlue (Diesel Exhaust Fluid)

Our know-how in detail:

  • Line filling system (on-line) with up to 5 filling heads
  • Compact and rework systems
  • Vehicle communication CAN and PWM
  • Maximum safety with regard to explosion protection

Stamping technology

Stamping processes are standard in many production forms. For the effective completion of the various punching tasks, we develop special systems, which we optimally integrate into your business process. Either as a Stand-Alone-Solution or as part of a whole system. All parts are manufactured in high precision and ensure a consistent product quality. Our plants are designed on the basis of state-of-the-art 3D technology. That is why we can test them down to the last detail. This makes the commissioning much faster.

Labelling system

Use a labelling system to apply labels to your products during production. Intelligent control solutions ensure that label printing and automatic attachment are precisely matched. With a fully automatic labelling system, we offer you the opportunity to improve existing processes, speed up processes and reduce errors. You have less waste and minimise your operating costs.

Hot stamping systems

Special machines are developed for a wide variety of tasks. For example, for labelling products. If particularly high-quality printer results are required, hot-forming processes are the means of choice. The printer results are of high quality, easy to implement and most economical. The hot embossing is suitable for almost all materials such as cardboard, paper, plastic, films, textiles, etc.