Stacking station for thermoformed products


The stacking area is a short conveyor belt and a larger storage belt behind it of approximately three meters in length (depending on the customer 's requirements). The operator can pick up the goods with a clearing button without affecting the current stack. For the start-up of the deep drawing machine, the transfer can be switched off so that the starting parts can fall onto a conveyor belt after ejection and can be discharged laterally. After the corresponding connection, the stacking unit accepts the articles.

The format change at the stacking station must be kept to a minimum, the cost of format parts should not exceed a fixed budget. The stacking system must be mobile for the format change on the thermoforming machine.

Technical solution
The surface suction, removal and stacking suction devices were covered with pre-cut films according to the format. This means that there are a maximum of two foils per format, whereby many formats are almost identical to each other and therefore no format change has to take place at the stacking system. A quick-clamping device with centring facilitates the repeated docking of the stacking unit to the thermoforming machines after a format change.

  • Extraction unit
  • Stacker
  • Transport system
Customer benefit
  • Reduced costs due to faster format changes due to the flexibility of the pick and stack grippers
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