Manufacturing facility for cable ties


In an injection moulding machine, cable ties are produced, removed from a side quick release and placed on a cooling line. The sprue is separated, the cable binders are sorted in bundled form and then counted into a provided vertical tubular bag machine.

The focus in the design of the system is on process reliability, speed and optimisation of the space conditions.

  • Extraction time max. 1 second
  • Three lengths of  160, 200 and 250 mm
  • Out of 56 cavities, 50 are always randomly used (system for that is displayed universally)

Technical solution
To remove the cable ties from the injection moulding machine, a standard handling system with corresponding gripper is used. The subsequent cooling section consists of six cooling plates like a circulating system. At the end of the cooling section, a cutting station with a vertical excavation and a corresponding cutting unit is integrated. Subsequently, the bundling is carried out by transfer into a funnel. The bundles are then also fed to the packaging machine with the standard handling device.

  • Robotics
  • Cutting technology
  • Sorting technology
  • Packing technology
Customer benefit
  • Cost reduction by automation of the process from removal to packaging
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