Manufacturing equipment of watering crates


Fully automatic production of drink crates with labels and soft touch grips. Linear robot 1 separates the label and places it into the pseudo-box, linear robot 2 takes the labels, removes the semi-finished crates and places the statically charged labels in the SGM1, the semi-finished crates are transferred to linear robots 3 to complete the crates of this SGM2 And the crates are handed over to a conveyor belt after the soft-touch-grip injection has been completed.

The essential factor in the design of the system was the flexibility of the variants with respect to the handle number. The units for box manufacture, which handle gating and label insertion should be independent of each other.

Technical solution
A standard hand-held system is used to handle the different tasks independently of each other.

  • Robotics
  • Label technology
  • Printing technology
  • Insertion technology
Customer benefit
  • Efficiency enhancement through automatic label feeding
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