Folding box assembly


Fully automatic production of folding boxes of different sizes, design and locking technology. Thanks to the use of format sets, the production system can create the most diverse folding boxes. The crate panels are removed from the SGM, delivered to the assembly line and assembled with tags, coming from a universal sorting device, optionally provided with labels, labels or hot stamping and stacked on pallets.

The folding boxes should be produced in different formats according to the requirements in the individual countries, Such as floors of different heights, different handles, etc., without having to prolong production interruptions for the changeover times.

Technical solution
Division of crates into two groups with the same criteria, thus less than an hour of conversion time.

  • Unloading (insert IML label)
  • Assembly station
  • Scales
  • Labeling
  • Hot stamping
  • Palette handling
Customer benefit
  • Reduction of assembly costs through fully automated production
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