Dispensing cell for plastic cups


From an injection moulding machine, plastic cups or plastic mugs are optionally removed in a process-proof manner, rods are formed and fed to a film shrinking machine.

In four seconds remove eight cups and feed them to the shrink film machine

Technical solution
The eight removed cups are fed to a two-way converter at the cavity spacing. Advantage: While one side of the transfer takes over the cups of the format gripper, the second side dispenses the cups into a magazine for corresponding bar formation. The bifurcator rotates 180°, on one side cups can be taken over again. On the other hand, cups are transferred to the magazine to form the bars. When a format change is made, the appropriate gripper is equipped, the magazine mask is changed and the corresponding program is called up. The magazine is capable of delivering four cup bars each twice, in the cavity gap to a fan belt. The beaker bars are pushed into the film shrinking machine from this fan belt. The different lengths of the stacking bars automatically compensate the system.

  • Removal handling
  • Separation unit
  • Magazine
  • Transport system
  • Interface to the tubular bag machine
Customer benefit
  • Cost reduction by automation of the process from removal to packaging
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