Connectors assembly


One or two dividers are sprayed directly onto the unit. In the first assembly process, the plug-in gaskets are then installed in the bottom of the can. The lid feed is then performed. Before assembly, the lid is attached to the base with a nylon cord, and a brochure with mounting instructions is inserted into the base. Only then is it put on and then screwed with automatically supplied plastic turn-buckles. The final process is the final pressing of the lid onto the bottom part, as well as the unloading and feeding of the finished cans to a packaging machine.

Feeding and assembling a nylon cord to connect the bottom of the can to the lid.

Technical solution
Use of a handling device with type-specific gripping units for removing the lower parts of the can from the injection moulding machine. A workpiece support system is used to link the mounting stations. A variety of CNC hand-held units are used to assemble the individual components. The insertion of the plug-in gaskets and the plastic turn-buckles is carried out via feeding technology with corresponding separation.

  • Transport system with workpiece carriers
  • Mounting stations for plugs
  • Connecting thread
  • Lids and cover screws
  • Insertion location for leaflets
Customer benefit
  • Quality improvement and cost reduction by automatic discharge of NiO parts and automation of the process up to the manual feed of the consumer materials
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