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SCHULZ Infoprod Ltd  is a modern engineering enterprise which deals in the field of integrated automation systems. Thanks to the knowledge and passion of our engineers we are also the leading supplier of comprehensive solutions in the area of industrial automation. We build solutions tailored to individual needs of the Client and we always try to meet his expectations.  For over 30 years of running a business we have had opportunities to carry out various projects all over the world, which gave us knowledge and experience in many branches. Since 2002 we have been a part of the german company Schulz Systemtechnik. The combination of polish technical thought with german reliability has even broaden our horizons and opened up new possibilities. We offer a full range of services: consulting, manufacturing, programming and servicing 24/7.







As technology leaders, we are aware of the responsibility we have towards our customers and employees. Therefore, the Hightech-Strategy Industry 4.0 project is for us a requirement and a vision at the same time. This is how we want to shape our common future: with our know-how and the foresight for new challenges. 

We build solutions.
All in all. At an international level. Leading the way.
We strive for the best.
Best collaborators.
Best processes.
Best products.
For mutual success.


Our employees are our greatest asset. They need to know what goals and strategies are pursued and the role of their work here, so that they have the opportunity to decide in favour of the company and behave accordingly.  They should lead and inspire us and make it clear what we stand for as an organisation. They should lead and inspire us and make it clear what we stand for as an organisation.

That is what characterises us at SCHULZ Infoprod

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We develop automation concepts for a wide range of areas.
From electrical and control engineering for robotics to the construction of mechanical systems.