Traffic & Logistics

For companies in the transport and logistics sector, we offer a comprehensive range of services for new plants as well as re-engineering, from planning to concept development to implementation. Based on many years of experience in various industries, we can thus efficiently implement and optimise systems and processes.


In reality, storage systems are often independent of actual production attained. However, it is more efficient to always include the overall logistics when optimising production. SCHULZ Systemtechnik offers complete systems and makes tailor-made storage and logistics systems for industrial and commercial enterprises. From warehouse logistics to material flow design and production planning to warehouse management - including the infrastructure required.

More information in SCHULZ INFOPROD folder pages 10-11


For many years, we have been active in the field of electrotechnical equipment and the design of railway systems. We plan and supply the highest quality systems to ensure the safety of electrical installation. We monitor railway lines, the associated storage facilities as well as maintenance points and are qualified for the supervision of the overhead line networks. We work for our customers around the clock 365 days a year.

Maritime and Aviation

Automation will play an even greater role in the future, with regard to maritime and aviation. We as automation specialists with know-how from mechanics, electrical engineering and Information technology are a competent partner. Whether for the production of aircraft elements, the automation of drive components or as an integrator of complex systems.


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