Manufacturing Industry/Mechanical Engineering

We develop highly complex special machines from the idea to the finished plant and integrate them precisely into your work flow. We offer optimised and transparent manufacturing, control and quality assurance processes for industries such as automotive, food, beverage and packaging industries, electrical engineering and medical technology. From engineering to service, we are at your disposal with all our in-house services and decades of experience in over 4,500 systems worldwide. We also solve the most demanding technical problem.


Packaging Industry

In addition to sustainability and resource conservation, high production numbers, low cycle times and a high degree of flexibility in plant engineering play an important role in the packaging industry. Compliance with the legal framework must always be taken into account. We offer specific solutions for the highly diverse sectors of the industry - paper, carton, cardboard (corrugated board), plastic, metal, container glass and wood - which increase the innovative and production power, open up new market potential and thus create clear competitive advantages.

The Asian market is a particularly high growth potential for the packaging industry, where we are happy to support your production on site through our location in Shanghai.

Household Goods

Whether it is flexibility, high production or low cycle times - our many years of experience in the household appliance industry and numerous projects make us an innovative and flexible partner in this field. Compliance with legal requirements, such as pollutant limits as well as the mechanical safety of the products are a matter of course for us.

The Asian market offers a particularly high potential. With our location in Shanghai, we are also the ideal partner here and we would be pleased to support you and your production on site.

Medicine Technology

Medical technology is one of the strongest growth markets in the world. In addition,  as regards structures and regulations compliance with legalrequirements.  Areas like safety and quality are of particular interest. Through our high quality and technology standard as well as our above-average high level of know-how these claims will be justified and  guarantee our clients reliable and  innovative installations.

Electric Industry

Production systems in the electric industry have a very high technical claim. A large number of product variants and used materials in addition make  automated and efficient production necessary, in order to remain competitive. Our company is a leading company in the electrical industry and we have many years of experience and an answer for each technical challenge , and offer maximum solutions for optimal workflows. Processes such as mounting of brackets and connectors in cable trays, the complete assembly of cable sockets or the manufacture of cable ducts for control cabin ets. We have already implemented a lot of stamping.   


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