For the automotive engineering industry, we develop customised automation concepts. We can take you through the whole implementation process from planning, to programming to practical implementation. Take advantage of our know-how in the fields of conveyor technology, assembly systems, robotics in the press shop, bodyshell work, surface and final assembly.

Press Plant

From the stamped part to the complete side wall, the basic elements of the body parts come from the stamping unit. Our expert is concerned about the safety of the press centre, logistics with cargo management, quality control and scrap delivery in gentle wagon loadings.


When the sheet metal parts of the stamping plant are subsequently assembled in the body shop, we take care of spot welding as well as welding and gluing. In connection with industrial robotics, production plants are being built which are also supplied by our conveyor systems.


In addition to the design, the exterior appearance is largely influenced by the colour scheme. The colour application is not one of our main tasks, but the processes from drying, seam-sealing, cavity preservation, catalytic dip-coating, as well as media supply and disposal. The experience gained from process and explosion protection systems is also used consistently here.

Pre/Final Assembly

We offer systems to increase productivity in the final assembly process. Fully automatic systems assemble components and attachments from the cockpit, over windows and roofs, wheels and doors. The assembly equipment up to mechanisation (wedding) is flanked by a versatile conveyor system consisting of FTS, EHB and assembly tapes. The final quality control is carried out on test stands and leak test systems.


In the same way as the logistical challenge of supplying the components within the sequence JIS or JIT time window, we are looking at the differing technical standards of the suppliers. Through our IT experts, we integrate the systems into the order control system of the end customer.


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