Profitability, energy efficiency and environmental awareness play an important role in professional livestock farming. SCHULZ concentrates on the production of stable systems and offers tailor-made complete solutions from conception to implementation and service. We also have extensive competence in upstream and downstream areas, so you can benefit from integrated solutions and increase your added value.


Pig Farming

For professional pig farming, we offer a comprehensive range for the entire production chain - from piglets to fattening pigs, from stable to stable management and environmental technology. At the same time, we place high demands on our products for a high degree of quality, functionality and efficiency.


Sow Husbandry

In the field of piglet production, breeding performance and piglet quality play a major role. Prerequisites for successful animal breeding and husbandry are animal-friendly housing systems as well as optimal technical conditions. SCHULZ therefore places very high demands on its stable facilities, such as stability and longevity, optimal hygiene conditions and welfare of animals.


Piglet Breeding and Fattening

For successful swine fattening, SCHULZ provides optimal housing facilities. Innovative control systems ensure the best possible stable conditions for healthy animal growth. Individually tailored customer solutions guarantee optimal standards of animal care and housing.


Poultry Farming

We supply complete animal house equipment for professional poultry farming. Here, we offer a comprehensive range of products for optimal keeping and feeding of the animals - from the installation, ventilation and feeding technology, to stable management and environmental technology. Our systems coordinate with each other and thus create optimal conditions for profitable poultry production.


Rearing and Parenting

SCHULZ has the right concept for economical breeder management. Animal-friendly systems provide the optimum environment for egg-laying hens. They are based on automatic rolling nests with a movable floor which allows only few possibilities of breeding. Nest pads are cleaned daily - which guarantees very high-quality eggs. To transport eggs, a perforated egg belt is located at the back of the nest.




As an automation technology company, SCHULZ boasts a high level of know-how in the equipment for hatchery establishments. From the conceptualisation and the engineering to the technical equipment, we offer an extensive range of services.


Chicken Fattening

With our extensive product portfolio and innovative control systems, we create the basis for the best possible stable conditions, healthy animal growth and optimal operating results. From consulting to implementation in service, we are there for you and offer innovative concepts for individual detailed solutions up to complex large-scale projects.


Laying Hens

We offer stable systems for soil maintenance in aviary, free-range keeping, bio-keeping and small group management. All systems comply with the applicable CAT and EU regulations. Solid construction and perfect craftsmanship ensure durability and high efficiency. As a complete equipment supplier for agricultural livestock farming we undertake the complete equipping ranging from the water supply to feeding systems to the automatic collection of eggs. In addition, we offer seat and approach poles, integrated recliners, manure removal and ventilation, among others.


SCHULZ offers various housing systems for optimal animal husbandry for duck rearing and fattening. Our systems are individually adapted to the respective needs and ensure a trouble-free stable operation. With our products, you are thus able to achieve important prerequisites for keeping the animals healthy and for the best fattening results.

Turkey Fattening

For the rearing and fattening of turkeys we offer the complete range of services i.e. air conditioning, feeding, watering, lighting, heating, electrical, safety technology and waste air purification. For this, we automate the entire stabling system so that your animals feel comfortable and achieve maximum yields. You can also operate, monitor and automatically optimise everything extremely comfortably. In this way, receive the link between modern animal husbandry requirements and the IT world advantages. And you breed your animals safely and efficiently in the future.

Cattle Husbandry

For more health and well-being, our modern stables provide cattle keeping and promote the milking of the animals. From the complete electrical installation through the latest lighting and ventilation technology to the automatic control of all components, we create the best possible conditions for optimum yields.



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